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Better Service, More Choice & Less Worry

Three reasons to make Fishers the preferred choice laundry partner for hotels throughout Scotland and the north of England.

Better Service

Fishers have more mobile and fully-trained representatives providing face to face customer account management services to housekeepers in the areas we serve than all of our competitors added together.

Our laundries handle around 2 million items every week and although we sometimes make mistakes, when we do, we respond quickly and comprehensively to put things right. We are passionate about customer service and we have the resources & operational capabilities to deliver on our promises, time after time.

Extensive market research by CiL in September 2012 concluded that Fishers are measurably better than our main competitors in all of the following areas

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More Choice

With more delivery vans on the roads between Leeds to Aberdeen and Manchester to Inverness, more laundries, more new technology gas ironer lines and more state of the art linen feeders and folders than anyone else, when it comes to service options and linen selection Fishers can give you more choice.

Choose from a wide selection of tested fabrics, styles and sizes:

  • Classic – 70/30 cotton rich sheets and pillowcases, plain or satin stripe duvet covers and 500gsm towelling and waffle kimono bath robes.
  • Luxury – 200 thread count extra length cotton rich sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, 600 gsm towelling and velour bath robes which can be embroidered with your hotel logo.
  • Exclusive – including fine Egyptian and Pima cottons as well as fabrics and styles manufactured to bespoke customer brand specifications.

With linen ranges and services also available for leisure clubs & spas, restaurants and kitchens and chefs uniforms, logo floor mats and washroom towels Fishers are able to provide a complete hotel laundry service whatever your hotel size or market niche.

Less Worry

Business resilience planning permeates throughout Fishers to deliver reliable service week after week, year after year.

  • Our plants all operate on ABSolute laundry software, (with servers housed in secure data centres), to enable them to support each other at short notice in times of need.
  • We only fill our laundries to two shifts full and keep a third shift free for contingency planning.
  • Although our plants are well invested with modern equipment we also employ more than 20 of our own highly trained site engineers to keep everything running smoothly hour by day, day after day. With detailed planned maintenance schedules and more than £300k of spare parts we are definitely committed to prevention being better than a cure!
  • We buy our Classic and Luxury ranges of linen 6-12 months ahead to maintain security of supply and UK warehoused stock levels of new linen.
  • All of our operations are subject to regular external auditing and are formally accredited to international standards in the areas of quality and hygiene control, health & safety, environmental and staff training & development.