Keeping clean since 1900

6/10 hotels within Scotland and NE England choose Fishers for linen rental

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A service partner you can rely upon

We offer a personal & professional workwear service throughout Scotland and the North of England

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UK wide ISO 4
Cleanroom laundry service

We offer the widest range of cleanroom technical garments with the most innovative & flexible service arrangements throughout the UK

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The naturally green choice for laundry

We have been accredited to ISO 14000 since 2005... talk to us and we can partner with you to reach your own environmental goals

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Why Fishers?

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We are the market leader for textile rental, industrial workwear and laundry throughout Scotland and the north of England. With a modern infrastructure, a network of well-invested laundries and generations of instilled family service values we offer better service, fully-backed-up Operational Reliability and management control to externally audited Standards for
Quality, Hygiene, H&S, Environmental
and People Development