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Fishers Laundry Group has underlined its commitment to its home town of Cupar in Fife by opening a new head office in the town.

Circular Glasgow: Get Inspired

Fishers was a guest at this week's Circular Glasgow: Get Inspired event hosted by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

Building on the success of Circular Glasgow’s Showcase Event in April, Circular Glasgow: Get Inspired was an opportunity for a range of innovative businesses to share their highs and lows of embracing the circular economy.

The event explored the benefits of adopting more circular business strategies and highlighted the importance of shifting away from the 'take-make-dispose' model.

Scott Inglis, Commercial Director of Fishers, was a guest speaker and gave an insight in to how Fishers implemented its circular business strategy.

Fishers collaborates with its suppliers to source textiles that will provide product longevity at the right cost, maximising margins while also ensuring its hotels receive the correct linen.

The new design of Fisher’s laundry cages supports the elimination of plastic wrapping around clean linen while radio frequency identification (RFID) chips allow each garment’s journey/life cycle to be monitored, reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction.

Fishers has also employed new camera technology that is designed to identify linen not fit for purpose, helping to deliver and exceed customer expectations, while cutting down on the costs associated with addressing below par garments.

Speaking at the event, Scott Inglis, Commercial Director of Fishers, said: “Fishers has been working extensively to implement its circular business strategy and it was a privilege to share with everyone at the Circular Glasgow event how we have managed to apply this to our business.

“There are countless ways that businesses can embrace the circular economy and while I hope that many of the delegates took inspiration from what we are doing at Fishers I have taken away plenty of ideas from the session which we will look at applying to our business.”

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