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Fishers Laundry Group has underlined its commitment to its home town of Cupar in Fife by opening a new head office in the town.


Fishers Laundry hit the right chords at WinterStorm

Top Scottish laundry group sponsor rock star dressing rooms…
Troon |Ayrshire |Scotland

The twenty bands checking into the dressing rooms at the WinterStorm Rock Festival in Troon on Scotland’s west coast are going to have the softest fluffiest towels on the circuit with the news that Fishers Laundry are sponsoring the bands’ Dressing Rooms.

The weekend festival which launched in 2016 features some of the biggest names in rock - including Whitesnake’s Bernie Marsden, Rainbow’s Graham Bonnet, Chris Glen from the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Quireboys and a host of other top names – have committed themselves to reducing their waste footprint this year and as part of this looked to see how they could improve the band services.

Ian McCaig, the promoter behind the WinterStorm event, explained,

“Being located by the seaside, we are all aware of the waste coming onto our beaches on a daily basis and we decided to commit to reducing what we dumped. Last year we used plastic glasses and created a mountain of single use plastic so this year we’re using reusable glasses.

“Similarly, we purchased batches of bargain towels that ended up binned at the end of the weekend. We were at a conference recently and met Scott Inglis, the Commercial Director of Fishers Laundry Group, and we agreed that we could do something together.”

Scott Inglis takes up the tale,

“WinterStorm is a fantastic new festival that has taken the west coast by storm. We already provide laundry services to a wide range of hotels and restaurants in Troon and across Ayrshire so when asked us whether we’d be interested in supporting their event we were instantly excited to get involved.

“WinterStorm is a great example of how Fishers support local events that take place throughout the country and support the wider tourism sector beyond hotels..

“We’ll be supplying our towels and dressing gowns to all of the artists in their dressing rooms and on stage. Providing a bit of luxury to the rock stars before they have even taken to the stage”

Ian McCaig concluded,

“WinterStorm needs partnership like these to build our profile and service standards. We are committed to ensuring that everyone involved in the event leaves feeling that we went the extra mile whether it’s the music fans loving the Scottish craft beers and gins or the giant WinterStorm deck chair or the artistes with the facilities and now fluffy towels!

Identifying appropriate product relationships such as this are the way forward for lots of small events such as ours who will never secure large amount so cash sponsorship and working with a business such as Fishers is another example of how we can collaborate creatively across the Scottish tourism sector

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