• Our bespoke cleanroom laundry service offers ISO 4, ISO 5 and ISO 8 laundry processing options

    Laundry compliance to EN14065
    Microbiological contamination control
    ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001
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Sterile Garment Solutions

We wash garments at 75 degrees Celsius for 6 minutes to provide thermal disinfection

We can offer two methods of further sterilisation:

  • Gamma Irradiation where garments are receive a 25 - 35kGy dose of radiation
  • EtO sterilisation where garments are exposed to gaseous Ethylene Oxide

Both sterilisation methods are well established, and depending on volume, we can incorporate sterilisation into the normal laundry cycle

Sterilisation is validated utilising a maximum container load ensuring penetration uniformly through the load

Sterilisation is fully supported by a document pack per batch demonstrating full traceability back to the wash batch record.

  • The Cleanroom partner you can rely on

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