• All of Fishers' plants and processes meet the European laundry standard for microbiological contamination control (EN 14065)

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How it works

Collection and delivery

Fishers' sales representative will review your expected laundry volumes and agree a collection and delivery cycle with you. This can be anything from once a week to seven days a week and 48 hours to weekly process turnaround times. We can deliver in bags or cages which can be colour coded to support infection control procedures.

Stock Control

Flexibility of options is again the key to delivering our best service for you. Your textiles in use may include any or all of the following and we will tailor our control options to suit.

  • Pool stock – which you will share with other similar customers
  • Bespoke stock – items which are unique to you
  • Designated stock – textiles only used by you which may be tagged with barcodes or RFID chips to track usage (eg. uniforms, cleanroom)
  • The Healthcare partner you can rely on

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