• All of Fishers' plants and processes meet the European laundry standard for microbiological contamination control (EN 14065)

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What we can offer

Re-usable textile solutions

As we are the laundry for 99%+ of the textiles we supply we make sure all of our products in the ranges below are tested to provide maximum life-time value, maintaining colour & whiteness, shape and strength for a minimum of 50 laundry cycles.

  • Bed linen
  • Scrub suits
  • Towelling
  • Patient gowns
  • Uniforms
  • Cleanroom garments
Service options

We recognise the need for flexibility in setting up your service to ensure maximum value for money. With laundry services there can be a balance to choose between fixing an annualised cost and accepting some variability (in order to reward careful management in matching weekly cost closely to weekly demand). We also understand that some customers are in a position to invest directly upfront in their own textiles and generate a return on capital. Our sales representatives will discuss all of these questions with you and help you choose which of the options below is right for you. The right solution may well be a mix. (Eg. fixed rental for linen, split rental for uniforms and purchase-process for cleanroom).

  • FULL RENTAL – you pay a single price for each item delivered clean inclusive of textiles
  • SPLIT RENTAL – you pay a rental price for your textiles and a separate laundry charge
  • PURCHASE & PROCESS – you buy the textiles outright and have a separate laundry agreement
  • The Healthcare partner you can rely on

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