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Fishers ZHEN, luxury linen with intelligence

This Chinese character means "genuine, truth or truthfulness"

The idea behind the ZHEN range was to weave the finest yarns, on the best looms and blend with Fishers’ intimate knowledge and experience of the needs, budgets and bed sizes of the luxury hotel market. We have also added the latest electronic tagging technology, enabling some incredible new operational and stock control efficiencies (e.g. stock taking in a large hotel in less than an hour).

The range has two levels: ZHEN Green (200 thread count); and ZHEN Gold (400 thread count). Both are woven with 100% cotton grown in China.  The Xinjiang region of China has a climate that enables the production of long staple fibres, (almost twice that of normal cotton) with a soft luxurious feel to match the finest of 'Egyptian' cottons.

Sheet sizes and labelling have been carefully thought through to help housekeeping in a busy luxury hotel. Every batch is independently tested before it ships to the UK, to ensure manufacturing has conformed to strict control parameters which keep shrinkage to a minimum and prevents shape distortion. Whiteness and finishing processes are also checked to guarantee that the linen will wash and iron beautifully first time, every time.

With the ‘intelligence’ gained from RFID tagging, Fishers can optimise processing and stock control. This includes automatically scanning linen in and out of linen rooms, as well as tracking distribution throughout hotels giving Exec Housekeepers real-time information on linen availability as well as reducing handling costs.

Fishers Zhen

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