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Fully Managed Service

Our fully managed service includes everything you will need to keep your workforce smart and dressed for the job.

We begin by issuing an agreed number of garments to each wearer

  • 1 change per week = 3 garments
  • 2 changes per week = 5 garments
  • 3 changes per week = 7 garments
  • 5 changes per week = 11 garments

Every garment has a barcode label applied which is used to track its whereabouts

We provide and label a locker for each wearer, big enough to hold a week’s garments and lockable by key or combination lock

Wearers take their garments direct from their personal locker. When the garments have been worn and are ready for cleaning they just need to drop them in one of the collection “letter-boxes” we provide

The Fisher driver will call each week and collect the used garments direct from the collection boxes. He will then put the clean garments being returned directly into individual wearer lockers to be ready for use.

When your garments are checked into the laundry they are scanned in. After laundering and carrying out any necessary repairs your garments are ready for packing-out and are scanned again. (You are able to track the scans and garment usage at any time via our web portal access).

When someone leaves or a new person starts then simply let our Customer Support Centre know by phone or email. They will arrange for the garments no longer required to be withdrawn or in the case of a new start they will arrange for someone to call and correctly measure for new garments to be provided.

In addition to the Fishers’ driver who is a front-line service representative, every customer is also assigned an account management who will visit you to an agreed schedule to ensure that everything is running as it should.

  • The Workwear partner you can rely on

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