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Seven reasons to make Fishers Commercial Workwear Suppliers your First Choice

Garments for sale or lease which are

  1. Correctly specified for your job requirements
  2. Measured to fit every wearer
  3. Guaranteed to last

A laundry and/or workwear rental package with

  1. Customised batch laundry processing
  2. Personal (face to face) account management
  3. On-Line tracking
  4. Flexible finance options

1. Choosing the right garments for your job needs

Our specialist trained sales consultants can help you to understand the wide range of garment options available and choose styles and fabrics that are right for your needs which may include any (or a mix) of the following:

  • Image wear – corporate logos, name badges / embroidery
  • Personal protection – hi-visibility, heat, flame, voltage
  • Hygiene control – food processing, kitchen staff, healthcare workers
  • Process protection – pharmaceutical, microelectronics, life sciences

We will often have a stock item suitable but can also have garments designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements. (Click here to see an example of bespoke coveralls made for a precision engineering company)

2. Correct sizing to fit comfortably after washing

Whether you have a workforce of 2 or 2000 and whether you are a 9-5 business, or seven days multi-shift 24/7, Fishers staff will come to your site with sizing sets of washed garments to let every wearer choose the perfect size for them, including leg and sleeve lengths. This attention to detail is what makes us different from many others and why we can guarantee that the garments we sell and rent will fit correctly after their first wash.

3. Garments that will last

Our comercial workwear business is not about one-off sales but long-term partnerships. Our value propositions will reflect life-cycle costs with garments that we will guarantee to last as specified for 25 or 50 washes. We can tell you which of our long-term manufacturing partners is going to make (or has already made) your garments and exactly where in the world. We will discuss directly with you the lead-time implications of different garment choices but with guaranteed consistency of specification across a contract period. We use branded fabrics conforming to internationally accredited standards and we won’t switch these about without telling you.

4. Batch processing to meet the process requirements of your garments and the people wearing them

Our washing specifications can be customised to batch sizes of less than 10 garments to meet the needs of wearers across all business sectors.

Examples include:

  • Temperature and alkalinity control to protect hi-vis tapes
  • Separated processing of garments from different work areas to provide assurance of allergen control
  • Chemical and thermal disinfection for hygiene control
  • Customised wash processes to remove specific contaminants (eg. oil, or heavy industrial soiling)

Our operations are managed professionally to meet recognised standards, which are externally audited on a regular basis. We are always very happy to accommodate customer visits to our plants to meet their own internal audit requirements.

5. Personal account management

We think the best business relationships are face to face and every Fishers' customer has their own account manager who is:

  • Fully trained and empowered - to resolve customer service and commercial issues
  • Mobile – they all have company cars and will come to you
  • Equipped – our account managers have direct IT access into our operational systems
  • Accessible – in all the usual ways (mobile phone, email) and via our Customer Support Centres
  • Supported – when escalation is needed we have site general managers able to provide full support

6. On-line garment tracking and cost control

We use Absolute by ABS, a world leader in textile rental operational software solutions, to track every garment each time it is scanned in and out of our plants. Our servers are located in a secure data centre with customer web access to view your own account data, including:

  • Wearer lists and details of garments issued (what, how many and when)
  • Scan records providing a “live” audit record of garment usage
  • Complete invoice history to help your own cost control and value tracking

7. Flexible contract options with no hidden charges

We recognise the need for flexibility in order to provide “best value” built around your own investment criteria. Whichever option you choose we will be upfront about all charges and residual values, which reflect actual, garment supply costs rather than some of the arbitrary mark-ups used by others.

  • Purchase and self-care
  • Purchase of garments with a separate laundry agreement
  • Weekly rental inclusive of garment supply, laundry and repair

We can mix the options above (on a single monthly invoice) to suit varied needs across your site. (Example – image wear polo shirts on self-care, infrequently worn visitor coats on purchase-process and high spec engineers PPE on all- inclusive rental)